Movie Precure All Stars F results and more to come in 2024 !

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Toei Animation Feb. 6, 2024


The 20th-anniversary Precure installment, the movie “Precure All Stars F” left a significant impact in Japan, delivering outstanding results.

This milestone work achieved record-breaking attendance and box office revenue, marking the highest in Precure history: 1.18 million attendees and 14.6 billion yen respectively.

Featuring all 78 members in prominent roles, the film also boasted guest appearances from famous voice actors such as Maaya Sakamoto and Atsumi Tanezaki.

Despite being a children’s favorite, this installment attracted a diverse audience, including high school students and adult fans reconnecting with their love for Precure from years past.

The Precure fever won’t go down as from February 1st to 4th 2024, a Revival Festival of Precure All Stars F will feature daily gifts, screenings and live performances!

In a dazzling finale to the year-long Precure 20th-anniversary celebration, the “All Precure 20th Anniversary LIVE!” the concert held on January 20th and 21st drew 30,000 fans over two days, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Notably, 50,000 viewers joined online for the first concert, showcasing the franchise’s widespread appeal. This concert marked the end to a year of Precure festivities, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the future of this beloved franchise.

Last but not least, the latest television series, “Wonderful Precure” is scheduled to air in Japan starting from Sunday February 4th and will be simultaneously broadcast on Crunchyroll for the enjoyment of Precure fans worldwide. Stay tuned!