Go Nagai Shares First Details From The Upcoming Mazinger Z Feature Film

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Toei Animation Mar. 24, 2017

Go Nagai Shares First Details From The Upcoming Mazinger Z Feature Film

Anime Japan 2017 Holds Special Event Celebrating Mazinger Z

The Legend, The Original Super Robot Anime Itself, Is Coming Back To A Theater Near You!

  For Immediate Release:

TOKYO (March 25, 2017) –Toei Animation’s upcoming Mazinger Z feature film was highlighted during a special commemoration event at Anime Japan 2017 on March 26. Attendees got a first-look at the highly-anticipated film adaptation, while Mazinger Z’s internationally-acclaimed creator, Go Nagai, shared a heartfelt message over video.

One of the world’s largest celebrations of anime, Anime Japan is held from March 23 to 26 at the Tokyo Big Site. The Mazinger Z event was held at the Blue Stage on March 26 from 11:35-12:15.

First Visual & news flash

While the frame features a similar silhouette to the original from 45 years ago, the precise detailing is more elaborate.

Says Go Nagai:

“45 years after its birth and 50 years since I started my career as a manga artist, my beloved Mazinger Z is making a comeback. This is truly a year to commemorate. Mazinger Z is beloved in different places all over the world. It’s my sincere wish to bring this movie to all the fans who’ve supported Mazinger Z globally through the years. Now, onward to the world stage!”

International releases for each region to be announced at a later date.

Director: Jyunji Shimizu
Screenplay: Takahiro Ozawa (Ume)
Mechanical Design: Takayuki Yanase
Character Design: Hiroya Iijima
Art Director: Makoto Ujiie (GREEN)
Associate Director: Yo★Nakano

©Go Nagai/Dynamic Planning – MZFFilmPartners

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