Licensing / Merchandising

Toei Animation Mar. 19, 2024

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the broadcast of the first episode of the anime series, Monnaie de Paris is minting in exclusivity a full line of collector’s coins for fan’s pleasure.

Produced in the heart of Paris, the most valuable item is a Luffy coin with a face value of 10 or 50 Euros. This exclusive coin features Luffy and his straw hat on the front, as well as the Skull from his crew’s flag. The reverse features the Thousand Sunny, the ship of the Straw Hat crew, braving Grand Line to help the crew in the search of the One Piece. The background of the coin features a marine cartography grid. The coin’s year and face value are also inscribed on this side.

In addition to the Luffy coin, a collection of 10 gold-colored mini-medals dedicated to the Straw Hat crew and 3 silver-colored mini-medals representing key characters who inspired Luffy’s way of life will be released. The background design features motifs associated with each character. The reverse of the mini-medals is specific to the One Piece collection.

To finish, an exclusive album design for this collection will be available allowing to store the medals in the optimal condition.

Collectors, do not miss this chance to get your hand on this treasure.