Toei Animation Sep. 4, 2020

Dragon Ball Super will the center of attention across Europe in retail for the end of this year.

In France, Dragon Ball Super will be in the spotlight in Fnac stores, from November 12th to 18th. Dedicated corners will highlight all the Dragon Ball product range in all Fnac stores entrances. The operation will be relayed on Fnac social networks.

In Picwic Toys stores, customers will have the opportunity to get a Dragon Ball Super premium, for the purchase of Dragon Ball products. The operation will be conducted in September, and another one will be implemented in December.

In Spain, the same operation will run from October in Juguettos and El Corté Inglés stores. In addition, a Dragon Ball Super dedicated corner is still settled in the El Corté Inglés located in Madrid.

In the UK, Bandai is leading a partnership with Pop TV (which airs Dragon Ball Super) and Smyth’s Toys which aims at organizing an online competition game around Dragon Ball Super. During Automn/Winter period, kids will be able to enter a dedicated microwebsite and take part to a compeittion game around the anime.