Licensing / Merchandising

Toei Animation Oct. 15, 2019

DRAGON BALL is about to take on the spotlight in Spain. A dedicated booth operated by BANDAI with video game, trading cards, activities and shopping area will be on full display during Salon del Manga in Barcelona (October 31 to November 3). On November 10, the Dragon Ball FighterZ tour will make a stop in Madrid, where players of BANDAI NAMCO’s video game best seller will be able to compete during a tournament.
Dragon Ball will also make its presence felt in Spanish retail. From November, El Corte Inglés (located in Callao shopping mall in Madrid, one of the biggest in Spain) will welcome a dedicated area in its store, where dedicated activities and product displays will be arranged during 6 months. A retail tour will also start take place during the whole month of December: Dragon Ball will enliven various Carrefour and El Corte Inglés stores across Spain.
Madrid will also be home to the Dragon Ball symphonic concert on January 18. An immersive experience where musicians interpret the best music from the anime, while the anime scenes are being projected on a big screen.