Licensing / Merchandising

Toei Animation Oct. 29, 2021

Dragon Ball Super will be fully highlighted at Fnac Spain during this Christmas period. In store, the Dragon Ball Super range will benefit from a dedicated corner with all its merchandising nicely arranged. In-store POS communication will be on full display, as well as on Fnac’s website and social networks, where a dedicated competition and raffle will be organized. Customers purchasing products from the Dragon Ball property will get an exclusive Dragon Ball Super tote bag as a reward. 

In El Corté Inglés stores, customers will be able to get a special Dragon Ball Super umbrella when they purchase a certain amount of Dragon Ball products.

In Toys’R’Us stores, kids will get a window sticker board featuring over 10 Dragon Ball Super stickers to be sticked on bedroom window or elsewhere as a decoration.

All those operations will be relayed in Christmas catalogues of those 3 store chains.