Saint Seiya, The Hades Chapter-Inferno 1

Saint Seiya’s new saga. To save the world, Seiya and his fellow Bronze Knights must fight against the Hades, who is the King of the Darkness World.

Sailormoon R

Soudain, une fille descend du ciel. Elle s'appelle Chibiusa et personne ne la connaît. Peu après, ses ennemis de la Lune Noire apparaissent pour la poursuivre. Que va faire Sailormoon ?

Gash Bell !!

Xenosaga - The animation

4,000 years after leaving earth, and inhabiting planetary space, the planet nations were fighting against an unknown enemy, Gnosis. Can the nations survive this enemy, or will this be the end of the human race? The answer lies within a fighting android, KOS-MOS….