Magic Girls

Pretty Cure Max Heart

Pretty Cure Max Heart
Zakennar, le sombre pouvoir maléfique, est de retour; et les Pretty Cure se dressent de nouveau devant lui. Sans elles, la reine n'a aucune chance ! Pour cette nouvelle aventure deux nouvelles équipières, Hikari et Pollun, se joignent aux Pretty Cure.

Masters Hamsters

They're all so cute, and yet, they're pros. More than just pets, these hamsters are Master Hamsters ! After passing the Master exam, each received a Master Badge that transforms them into Master Hamsters and allows them to speak human language. With their professional skills, they solve problems...

Magical Doremi 5

More than 1 year silence from the end of previous series, DO RE MI, a legendary TV series revives. Unknown secret stories of DO RE MI are exhibited for the first time!

TAEU website launch

Toei Animation Europe S.A.S, a subsidiary of Toei Animation Co., Ltd., will launch its new corporate Website for Europe on October 6, it was announced by Kanji Kazahaya, Director of International Department of Toei Animation Co., Ltd..The new Toei Animation Europe Website will serve as a...