Cutey Honey Flash

In this new series, Honey, on the trail for clues about her father's death, meets and fights her alter ego, Misty Honey. A mysterious young man comes to her rescue.

Digimon Data Squad airs on RTL 2 in Germany

Toei Animation's popular animated series Digimon Data Squad is scheduled to launch on RTL 2 in Germany on November 30, 2007.   Digimon Data Squad is the fifth season of Toei Animation's mega hit animated series of Digimon. The renowned Digimon franchise has achieved major global success,...

Saint Seiya, The Hades Chapter-Sanctuary

Hades, the Lord of the Dead, has come back from the depths of darkness and is after Athena! Will Seiya and the Gold Saints be able to protect Athena from the approaching hands of death…?

Magical Dorémi 4

In the last season of “Magical Doremi”, Hana, who had been raised by Doremi in the second season, comes back as her classmate! Now, there is no telling what will happen to their school life…