Toei Animation at Animevolution Festival in Stockholm


"Animevolution: from manga to ganime", a Japanese animation retrospective, will be organized in the cultural centre Kulturhuset, in Stockholm (Sep. 22th – Oct. 9th).


The first four episodes of Sailor Moon TV series and the Heart Catch Pretty Cure movie will be screened during this festival.

Four "Ga-nime" ("Tori no Uta", "Sekishoku Elegy", "Highway Jenny" and "Dunwich Horror and other stories") will also be screened at this occasion. "Ga-nime" is a label that was created to celebrate Toei Animation's 50th anniversary.


Aiming at yound adults, movie schools, directors and distributors, this festival will propose conferences and shows from the very first black and white movies that lovely mix Eastern and Western influences to the most successful series of nowadays.



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