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En l'an 300X, un empereur règne sur le monde. Pour imposer son autorité, l'empereur lance une chasse aux cheveux et fait tondre tous les citoyens. Les gens tremblent devant l'empire Chauve Qui Peut, mais un homme à la coupe afro-platine résiste...
Son nom est ......
.....BOBOBO-BO BO-BOBO !!!!!
Avec ses partenaires, il combat l'empire Chauve Qui Peut pour mettre une bonne fois pour toutes un terme à la chasse aux cheveux.


NONO-chan, a 3rd grader in primary school, is the oldest daughter of the Yamada and she finds studying is not quite her favorite thing.

She is freehearted, simple, innocent and she can be characterized as a loud voice and quite tomboyish. She does things at her own pace and eating like a horse is typical. That's why she never feels full in the stomach but always feels hungry. What's more is that she never fails to have breakfast in the morning even if that means she might be late for school!

Her family, the Yamada consists of 6 people, father Takashi, mother Matsuko, her 7th grader brother Noboru, her Grandma Shige and Dog Potch. They all have a unique character, laughing a lot, surprising a lot; they're the most cheerful family in the town.

Everyday is just ordinary life, but not for NONO-chan, the active girl is having a great time at primary school with so many hilarious friends and mysterious Ms Fujiwara, the teacher of her class. No one knows why but most of the time her class tends to be a self-study period...

Year : 2001
Episodes : 61
Kind : Action/Aventure