Dragon Ball

Mysterious Gragon Balls lie scattered about the world. When all seven balls are gathered, one wish will come true. A wild, innocent by Goku and his friends set out on a journey in quest for the Dragon Balls.

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TAEU website launch

Toei Animation Europe S.A.S, a subsidiary of Toei Animation Co., Ltd., will launch its new corporate Website for Europe on October 6, it was announced by Kanji Kazahaya, Director of International Department of Toei Animation Co., Ltd.. The new Toei Animation Europe Website will serve as a...

Beet the Vandel Buster Ecthelion

L'équipe de Beet prend la route d'un nouveau continent. En chemin ils rencontrent de nouveaux ennemis. Dans la ville de Shandiego où ils séjournent, tout le monde maîtrise la technique du Tengeki. De nouvelles aventures commencent pour Beet et ses amis.